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This is a shredded strap floral lace body stocking that comes in one size which will fit sizes between 6 – 16. The price of this item is a fantastic £9!!
This is a gorgeous piece! It is very unique looking and is not something that you see every day, it has that edge to it, whilst still remaining delicate and whilst also still remaining super sexy and feminine. The floral patterns on some of the material add to the femininity of the garment.
It is quite a revealing piece but the shredded material over the midriff give you some coverage if you are conscious of showing too much off. We here at Mes secrets think that it’s more intriguing than revealing, as there is plenty of coverage around the but area, but not so much around the tummy or around the back.
This garment comes in one size so there will be plenty of stretch to it so therefore it will be quite comfortable to wear. The shredded material will make it quite a breathable item, so you don’t have to worry about getting too hot in it. The shoulder straps are also shredded which coordinates with the shredding of the midriff which we think looks really cool.
This comes in black, which is one of the most seductive colours so you will be playing to your sultry, sex kitten side in this piece. The price is extremely bargainous and is an absolute steal so you won’t be breaking the bank either, and everybody loves a good bargain!
So add ‘’Mesh body’’ to your basket and you definitely won’t regret it!!

Navy swing dress is an absolute steal at just £11.00! It has long sleeves and a scoop neckline. It is available in various sizes.
Navy is a colour that just never goes out of fashion! Another fab thing about navy is that it goes well with most colours, and looks particularly good with white, yellow, gold and grey, so you could wear this dress with a white or yellow cardigan, or a grey cardigan and grey tights, or you could wear accessories in any of the previously mentioned colours, so think white bangles, or navy and white striped bangles, or a white or gold scarf etc. There are loads of options with this versatile dress. It will look great with heels, and looks awesome with the knee high boots shown in the picture. It would also look great with pointed or round toe court shoes, or strappy shoes, or flat shoes, you name it, and there isn’t much that this dress won’t go with. You could also give it a more alternative look and team it with some patterned tights, or go for an edgy look and team it with a pair of cool biker boots and a biker jacket, there are endless possibilities here!
With it being a swing dress it’s very loose fitting so it will be super comfy and suitable for wearing for long periods of time. Swing dresses are flared so they are excellent for pear shapes and women who are bottom heavy as it will skim over the hips and thighs whilst accentuating your slimmer top half at the same time. It has long sleeves and a high neck line so your modesty will be preserved when wearing this. The material is viscose and Eastman and the length is 88cm so it comes above the knee.
All in all, it’s a lovely dress that is suitable for autumn, winter or spring so swing this swing dress in to your shopping basket today!

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At Mes secrets, we have a gorgeous collection of swimwear in many different styles and colours. We have beachwear, Bikinis and Tankinis all of which are competitively priced.
Swimwear has been an important part of the fashion industry for a long long time, although in the past they tended to be far less revealing than they are today. The most common material for swimsuits to be made out of is Nylon, and this is because it doesn’t absorb much water. Current swimwear tends to have lycra integrated in to the material as well, this was first introduced in the 1960’s, because it is highly elastic and therefore improves the fit of the piece.
We know how important it is for a woman to feel good on the beach. It’s the only time us girls reveal so much of our bodies in public, so it’s important to feel comfortable in our swimwear. That’s why our range caters for individual needs as some of our swimwear is more revealing than others. For example, if you have lots of body confidence , then our product entitled ‘’White cross’’ may appeal to you more, because it is one of the more revealing products in our range, perfect for showing a toned bod off! On the other hand, if you perhaps don’t have so much body confidence, then our product entitled ‘’Polka’’ may be more appropriate for you, because it is slightly less risqué and covers the tummy area up rather well.
A few good tips when choosing your swimwear is firstly to pick bright coloured patterns for the bits of your body you want to draw attention to and solid colours on the areas that you wish to draw attention away from. If you have an hour glass figure then your body type is best suited to halter neck style swimsuits, if you are apple shaped then you are better suited to a one piece, and if you are pear shaped then bikini bottoms that are adjustable with strings work very well as pear shaped women tend to be a different size on the top than they are on the bottom. Halter neck bikini tops will also work well on pear shapes because they really broaden out the shoulders.
Whatever your shape or your colour preference we are sure that you will find a swimsuit that you love so start browsing now and get ready to hit that beach!

This sensual piece is an elegant, floral lace lingerie teddy. The straps are adjustable. It has pretty red satin bows at the front and a red criss – cross ribbon back detail. It comes in one size and will fit a size 6 – 16. The price is a fantastic £12.00!
This lace teddy is both pretty and super sexy. The red satin bows at the front add extra femininity to the garment. The adjustable straps are fab because you can tailor them to suit your needs. The floral lace design also adds extra elegance and class to this teddy.
This teddy comes in black which is perhaps considered the sexiest of all the colours. It is an achromatic colour, which literally means a colour without colour. It is a colour associated with secrets, magic and elegance and was one of the first colours used in art. Black also exudes power so, ladies, if you want to feel more powerful then black should be your go to colour! Black is also seen as a very sophisticated colour e.g. ‘’the little black dress’’ or ‘’the black tie event’’ so in this garment you are sure to feel like a super confident, super sophisticated and sexy woman! It also goes without saying that black is very slimming. The red bows contrast well with the black lace and red is the colour most associated with passion and danger. The bows also add a touch of colour to the teddy which helps to brighten and lighten its energy.
The material is lace which means that this garment is very lightweight. Lace is a delicate and beautiful fabric and just oozes femininity.
This piece is sure to turn you in to that sexy, seductive temptress that every woman wants to be, and wearing this stunning item of lingerie you will be sure to create that alluring sense of mystery and intrigue.

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Here at Mes – secrets we have a fantastic collection of lingerie. We have a vast collection of styles and colours and we are confident that you will find something perfect for you! Our collection is extremely diverse and consists of Baby dolls, Basques and bodies, shape wear, stockings and suspenders and complete lingerie sets. We also stock a great collection of teddies and rompers. There is a style to suit all shapes and sizes, a style to suit every personality, mood and occasion and all our items are very competitively priced.
Gorgeous lingerie is an important part of a woman’s life, yes ladies even if you are single. In some ways, even more so if you’re single, because sexy lingerie is always about you and never about your partner. Of course your partner will get some benefit from it (i.e. ogling you looking amazing in your lingerie) but ultimately, it’s about you and a divine piece of lingerie can do wonders for your confidence and your self esteem and this will show in all aspects of your life. In fact, wearing beautiful lingerie is probably the easiest (and quickest) way of giving your confidence a boost! Even when a woman is single she must never forget her desirability and wearing one of our pieces that is sure never to happen!
We hope that has convinced you that lingerie and negligee is essential to a woman’s wardrobe, so next time you find yourself reaching for the granny pants and those old, worn out pyjamas come visit our site and browse our extensive collection and release that inner goddess!

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As Marilyn Monroe was once quoted as saying ‘’Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world’’
Here at Mes – secrets we know how important shoes are to a girl, that’s why we’ve got some gorgeous pairs in stock in lots of different colours, patterns and styles especially for you. You are sure to find a pair that you love.
Shoes are just as important as any other item of clothing or accessory and they shouldn’t be underestimated! They really can make or break an outfit. We know that you sassy, clued up women are no doubt aware of this. According to a survey, a woman will buy 469 pairs of shoes in her lifetime, now that is a lot of shoes! There is a belief that shoes can say a lot about a woman and her personality and lifestyle, for example possibly a woman who owns lots of pairs of trainers lives a very active lifestyle and is quite sporty and health conscious etc. or a woman who has lots of glamorous high heels lives a party lifestyle and has frequent nights out. A woman who owns shoes that colour co – ordinate to her outfits shows that she has meticulous attention to detail and so on.
Shoes can have the effect of instantly updating an old outfit or just generally making you feel hotter than the sun! High heels especially are fantastic for giving a girl more confidence and for lengthening and slimming those pins. They can also give your bum a lift and give you better posture. At Mes – secrets we are all about the high heels. As carries Bradshaw from sex and the city was quoted as saying – ‘’I’m not afraid of heights have you seen my shoes?’’ We have some truly fabulous heels in stock so why not check them out today!

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Would like to wish our old and new customers a Happy New Year.

We are very excited about this year with lots of new stock coming in throughout the year. Also lots more things going on at Mes Secrets we sill be doing lots of Fashion Shows and Wedding exhibitions where you will be able to see our beautiful stock in person, so we hope to see lots of you there.


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Until our next blog take care

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This Tuxedo charmeuse baby doll comes in ivory and black and has adjustable straps with a black bow detailed front. It comes with a matching G string, costs a very affordable £12.00 and the sizes available are 6, 8,10,12,14 and 16.
This Tuxedo baby doll is flirty and so much fun! The fabric is charmeuse which is a soft, smooth silky and lightweight material. The adjustable straps can be tailored to suit you.
This baby doll is perfect for your Wedding night; it has the traditional white look while the black detail adds a touch of mischief to the look. It’s guaranteed to make your night that little bit more mischievous, coquettish and frisky! Plus the lightweight fabric means that you won’t get too hot in the throes of passion! (Or then again, maybe you still will!) the bow detail at the front is perfect for slimming that waistline and the matching G string will make it look like you have made the maximum amount of effort for your special night and your partner is sure to appreciate that, they won’t be able to resist you in this gorgeous little number!
This baby doll still remains very elegant and classy, whilst at the same time being provocative and ultra sexy which is exactly what you want for your wedding night.
This item doesn’t have to be limited to a Wedding night either, you can wear it any time the mood takes you and any time you are feeling that extra bit flirtatious!


This baby doll is an adorable piece. The colour is navy blue and hot pink. It has a lovely pink bow detail on the front and the straps are adjustable. It also comes with a matching G string. The price is £13.90 and one size will fit a 6 – 16.
Women love to be admired and they love to feel attractive and this is where baby dolls come in. They have the advantage of being both sexy and cute at the same time. You can be sweet, adorable and demure whilst at the same time being ultra desirable, the perfect combination! This baby doll is sure to get your partners attention for all the right reasons. The hot pink colour is very eye catching and vibrant while the blue stops it from being too ‘’in your face’’ pink. The lace element also adds a touch of elegance and makes the piece look that much prettier. The plunging neckline is perfect for showing off that gorgeous cleavage. The matching G string also adds that little bit more attention to detail.
Feeling gorgeous and desirable in your lingerie and nightwear can only be beneficial to your self esteem and your confidence and can also do wonderful things for your relationship. Baby dolls are flirty and fun and your partner is sure to love this piece just as much as you do.
Another awesome thing about baby dolls is that they are flattering to most body shapes, so you don’t have to worry about whether this item will suit you or not because most likely it will.
This is a gorgeous item for a great price so pick one up today!

Take a look at this lovely chiffon shirt robe coming in at £16.35! It comes in one size which will fit a size 6 – 16. It also comes with a matching thong and a matching lace sleepwear halter bra top so it’s great value for money!
This robe is casual yet still remains sexy. This is due to the material being chiffon which gives the robe a slightly see through look. Chiffon is also known as georgette and it comes from the French word for cloth. It is an elegant, sheer fabric with a crepe and drape texture. The great thing about Chiffon is that it is durable and very cool on the skin. It is also a very lightweight material so it is perfect for those long hot summer nights or when you are cuddling up to that special someone! It is also easy to wash so this item is fairly low maintenance.
This robe comes in red. Red is a very vibrant colour and is associated with energy, power and determination. It is also associated with passion, seduction and action ladies so this would be the perfect garment for any bedroom antics! We’ll leave the details up to you!
This robe does come with a red matching top and thong but would also look gorgeous paired with black, white or blue undergarments. Red also teams well with silver, gold, green etc. It’s a pretty versatile colour.
So why not purchase this bold and sexy item which is guaranteed to make you look even more spectacular and sexy than usual. If that’s even possible.

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